Thursday, April 26, 2007

Hotel Workers Win! 'Outrage'!!

Hotel workers reached a historic agreement with three luxury hotels
early Tuesday afternoon. The contract is settled. Management caved. It is a sad, sad day for Boston's luxury hotels when they are forced to pay a living wage to their workers.

All of the rebellious workers' demands were met -- and then some. This is a very bad precedent for the wealthy since now they may need to pay more for their luxuries! For some reason, the union thanked us Billionaires for our assistance and have invited us to a celebratory party this weekend (time and date TBA; check the event listing above).

They write,

Thank you for all of your support and work in this contract campaign! The threat of a boycott was incredibly valuable to our campaign. Your ideas, phone banking, research, delegations, and sit-in participation were absolutely key to us pulling off the victory . We will let you know when a celebration is planned and hope that you all will attend...

But what did we do?!? We just paid one little visit to the Park Plaza to buck up management when the union was held at bay because of an injunction! That isn't so much, is it?

Oh wait, Jobs With Justice says our visit worked since management realized that even if they kept the workers away from the hotels, other people would still be able to take action. Hmmmmmm... Good to know for the future!

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