Monday, April 09, 2007

Billionaires At the Park Plaza Hotel!

Although we often stay at the Park Plaza Hotel for kicks, we paid a special visit this evening because obstreperous workers of the hotel are threatening to strike! It seems that the rabble wishes the company which owns the hotel, Starwood, to pay its Boston workers about the same as workers at Starwood hotels in other cities. They are also asking the company to provide them with a pension plan. Porsche DeCosta Lotta-Dough and D'Oyle Fields ask, "What for? So they can retire instead of working until they drop?!"

Currently, management personnel are training to be replacements for the workers if they strike. Porsche presented the General Manager, Mickey Schneider, with a document of support for this strategy. After all, we wouldn't want the service to decline or anything horrible such as that! Mickey was quite gracious and assured us that negotiations would work out just fine. We certainly hope so. What ever would we do with mintless pillows?!

After shoring up management, D'Oyle and Porsche tried to break down the door to one of the strike trailers cluttering up the vista. Those inconsiderate workers had not only parked this trailer within sight of the hotel, but then plastered it with gaudy posters.

The posters read, "Unite Here!". We believe that is just wrong!

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