Saturday, April 28, 2007

High Crimes and Misdemeanors at Faneuil Hall!

Our day at Faneuil Hall started out very well. The Tayshuns, Ascencia N. Titlement and Porsche DeCosta Lotta-Dough shared a few laughs with our Georgie (background) in our richly appointed pavilion...

...Ascencia flirted with D'Oyle Fields (or was it the other way around?)...

Porsche bribed a cop...

...and D'Oyle gracefully forced a mime to kiss his shoes!

Suddenly, things took a distinct turn for the worse! A Veteran for Peace 'conned' Dee Foress and Austin Tayshun out of a Billion dollar bill, only to try to do the same thing with Porsche seconds later (take a look at his face in that second photo. He is so-oo-oo busted!)!

Then, an everyday American tried to steal our money right from our Georgie's feet seconds after Austin Tayshun turned his back!!

But the worse was to come! A town crier rang his annoyingly loud bell and announced that 'the people' would try our Georgie and our Dick for 'high crimes and misdemeanors' in a citizens' impeachment! We were outraged!

Scary-looking Revolutionary Guards pushed through the crowd with Georgie and Dick!

They called our guys 'prisoners' and forced them to listen to charges against them! Horror!!

A 'judged' presided over the 'impeachment' and 'trial' but refused to allow us to speak up for our boys! And look at the impenetrable wall of Raging Grannies behind the judge. That kind of thing is intimidation!

Nevertheless, we Billionaires did our best to prevent the impeachment, chanting, "Bush is Innocent!" and "Cheney is Innocent!" We yelled "Nay!" when we could finally vote, but there were simply too many great unwashed middle classes against us -- it was all to no avail.

Our boys were impeached, 'convicted' and stripped of their crowns in a most humilating fashion!

They were then led to 'prison' where they joined our Rummy and our Condi. Hey! When were Rummy and Condi convicted?!?! And that kid has Dick's crown -- that can't be right!

Is it really so easy for the people to triumph over us? Stay tuned...

UPDATE: One of the attendees documented our efforts to support our boys! Thank you, darling!

UPDATE: Here is a photo of our fantastic crew voting "Nay!". But, without recourse to 'campaign contributions' and 'charitable donations', we really had no hope of prevailing. How sad.

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