Saturday, December 09, 2006

Billionaires Finally Mourn the Election Results!

Austin Tayshun and Ivana Moore-Enmoore. Not pictured: Lee Vemhangen and
Dee Foress Tayshun. Photo by Dee Foress. Thank you, darling!

Billionaires for Bush held a candlelight vigil at Park Street Station to mourn the loss of our heroic Republican leadership. We asked commuters to please help us remember the Republican leaders who have gone before the voters, and have been found wanting for some unknown reason. Sadly, most of those selfish commuters just laughed at us!

Let us remember the fallen:

Jim Talent (MO)----------- Thanks a lot Rush!
Mike DeWine (OH)--------- Time to sue Diebold.
Rick Santorum (PA)------- Who let the dogs out?
George Allen (VA)--------- He got ‘macaca’d’.
Dick Pombo (CA) ---------- Can always go back to doing porn films.
Chris Chocola (IN)---------- Down for the count.
Conrad Burns (MT) -------- Now can get "knee-walking drunk" without media attention.
Tom Delay (TX) ----------- Already had resigned, so what did you expect?
Donald Rumsfeld (DOD) -- Now staying the (golf) course.
John Bolton (UN) ---------- I guess they thought the U.N. building didn’t need him.

And lament those who have now taken over:
Sheldon Whitehouse (RI) ---- Who?
James D. “Jim”... (VA) -------- His full name wasn't even on the ballot!!
Claire McCaskill (MO) --------- If only stem cells could talk.
Deval Patrick (MA) Gov ------- Locked up the prisoner vote.
Jon Tester (MT) ----------------- Missing three fingers? Cool!
Nancy and Teddy and Harry -- Oh, My!

What will we do now?
The same thing we’ve always done! Lobby, lobby, lobby! But it will cost more this time.

[most of this text is from the flier written by Lee Vemhangen. Thank you, darling!]

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