Sunday, November 19, 2006

Our Second Annual Thanksgetting Dinner!

Thanksgetting Dinner is an opportunity for Billionaires to relax and reflect happily on all which we have received from our investments in legislation over the past year. As we entered the humble dwelling in which Austin Tayshun was raised, we were greeted by Dee Foress Tayshun with her potato masher sceptor! For some reason, the Tayshuns have preserved this rough-hewn cabin on the side of their fabulous manse. We say there is no profit in sentimentality and history!

The kitchen was a bustle of activity as Dee instructed her servants, Babette and Daniel, to make gravy, cook vegetables and show us the appropriate deference. That last point was lost on Daniel.

Avery Damon Penny was so thrilled to have clear-cutting opportunities in the vicinity that he showed off his business card. His advice: Cut 'em all down, pave it over and build a Wal-Mart!

At last dinner was ready and the greedy Billionaires dug in. Hey! Why is Daniel sitting down?!

Sadly, the normal boundaries between servant and owner employer broke down and Daniel ended up at the head of the table behaving very strangely. Something about poor eyesight and no health plan to cover the eye exam -- none of our concern!

Photo by Avery Damon Penny. Thank you, darling!

After dinner entertainment was provided by Lee Vemhangen playing the theme from "Jaws" on the pitch pipe. His wife Lisa is simply enthralled.

After dinner, the Billionaires perambulated around the grounds. Here, Avery explains exactly how much money the Tayshuns could make from clear-cutting their wooded property.

More profit-making opportunities could be viewed from a bridge over the millstream on the Tayshun's property. The hillside behind them is simply covered with rhododendrons which could be dug up for sale to landscaping companies and nurseries. And the 18th century dam could easily be retrofitted replaced with a modern dam to generate hydroelectric power. It's just old and decrepit anyway.

Ivana Moore-Enmoore lectures her ward, Toni, on the value of scenic landscapes such as the restored colonial sawmill behind them -- use them as photo backdrops!

Let noone say that the Billionaires care nothing for historical value! Here, they document the unique dry-laid foundation (the tallest on record) of the old sawmill before they flood it out of existence! Who cares that it dates from around 1740 except for a bunch of historians?

Left to right: Liza Tooyou, Lee Vemhangen, Ivana Moore-Enmoore, Avery Damon Penny, Dee Foress Tayshun, Austin Tayshun. This and two previous photos by Babette. Thank you, darling!

As our walk concludes, Avery photographs Ivana despairing over all of the unexploited profit opportunities behind her.

Liza Tooyou and Lee Vemhangen just tell her to stop being such a drama queen... we'll get to clear-cutting that forest. We have Avery on it!

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