Thursday, October 26, 2006

Lee Vemhangen Writes Letters

Our very own Lee Vemhangen (pictured below being snotty) was so incensed by another political group that he wrote a letter to the Boston Herald:

Letter: RE: Healey's Inmates

Dearest Editor,

Regarding your story on Healey's Inmates, we Billionaires for Bush are appalled that any campaign would fund and support a seemingly grassroots effort, such as the Inmates. Being a truly volunteer organization, we must use our own billions and our precious time to speak power to truth. I dare say we are not impressed.

Furthermore, we believe the Inmates erred in scaring a twelve year old. We feel it is more beneficial to scare people of voting age.


Lee Vemhangen

Kudos to Lee for speaking power to truth! Huzzah!

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