Sunday, October 15, 2006

Consorting with the Hoi Polloi?! NEVER!!

Lee Vemhangen and Ivana Moore-Enmoore attended a Deval Patrick rally on Boston Common and handed out so many Billion dollar bills that they were quite bankrupted! Here, Lee ignores an ordinary Massachusetts citizen as he cuts out new bills refreshes his exchequer!

We attended the rally to make sure that Patrick and his supporters know that we wish our gardeners to take care of the grassroots! We also wish that Patrick would stop pandering to the interests of everyday Americans such as this woman and make sure our investments in legislation are secure.

UPDATE: We've been vlogged, darling! Although that sounds quite dreadful, the process was painless and even quite enjoyable. Not only was the vlogger giggling throughout, but Lee Vemhangen cracked me up also. That never happens, darling!

Look for us around 1:00, 3:56 and 5:36 (Lee and I put a couple of Kossacks straight in that last bit!). Thank you M. Bair, darling!

UPDATE II: We always wonder where all the photos people take of us end up. Well, one of them is here and another is here. Thank you for the adulation, darlings!

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