Sunday, January 21, 2007

Billionaires Perform To Raise Consciousness!

Billionaires attended a fundraiser sponsored by a rabidly Billionaire-unfriendly radio program called Radio With A View. We simply wanted our voices heard. Is that so wrong?

Gallant Billionaires Liza Tooyou, Lee Vemhangen, Anita Stockson-Bonds and Avery Damon Penny even stormed the stage to present the Billionaire point of view in song and dialogue. Here, they discuss the awful changes liable to effect us now that Democrats control the House and Senate:

Here, they talk about oil, everybody's favorite petroleum product:

They sing about our favorite record-breaking corporation, Exxon:

And finish with a rousing paen to the wars which keep us wealthy!

Sylvie Spoon was entranced -- although whether it's by the performance or her martini is hard to tell!

The show will be aired on WMBR on Sunday, January 28th at 10:00 am, so tune to 88.1 FM to hear the Billionaires, George Shrub the Singing CIA Agent, Kip Tiernan, Baratunde Thurston and Jim Infantino. Also, we fixed the Chutzpah Awards, but we won't tell you who won!

UPDATE: You may also hear the program by going to WMBR's archives and scrolling down to "Radio With A View" for January 28th, 2007. "Radio With A View" starts at about 5:00. The Billionaires' section of the program begins around 39:28.

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