Thursday, November 09, 2006

Billionaires Undercover At the Healey and Patrick Victory Parties

Lee Vemhangen, Avery Damon Penny and Ivana Moore-Enmoore attended the bustling and exciting Kerry Healey 'Victory' Party at the Sheraton on Election Night. Here, Lee and Ivana admire Healey's slogans.

"Your Family, Your Governor, Your Future" does so cut to the heart of the necessity of all Massachusetts families to support the leader (and us).

"The Right Kind of Change" does seem beautifully close to that classic Barry Goldwater slogan, "In Your Heart You Know He's Right". Ah, such memories!

Photo by Avery Damon Penny. Thank you, darling!

During the campaign, various Healey volunteers dressed in orange jumpsuits and pretended to be "Inmates for Deval Patrick". The young man in the center of this photo was recruited into playing one of the prisoners outside the first debate in Faneuil Hall. He simply loves making ordinary Americans angry, he said, especially when he is 'right'.

We do so agree, although we are perplexed as to why we need to spend our own billions to speak power to truth whilst this young man did not. Hmmmmmm.

Excited Healey supporters are instructed on how and when to cheer so they might happily serve as a living backdrop to a television reporter's commentary. Just look at how enthusiastic they are!

Without losing one ounce of dignity, Avery Damon Penny and Lee Vemhangen join in the spontaneous cheers of the ecstatic Healey supporters.

The Patrick Victory Party had a much different look and feel. Much to our surprise, absolutely nobody was coaching the Patrick supporters, who seemed intent on listening to the politicians' speeches. Here, they hear Ted Kennedy imitate Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Furthermore, there were no slogans to brainwash educate the populace, merely an enormous American flag. Most strange. How can you tell people what to think without words?!

Also distressing was the fact that we were not allowed a private table at the front of the hall! It seems that the Patrick campaign was favoring those who actually worked on the campaign. It's an outrage! What will happen to the Commonwealth with such attitudes amongst its rulers?!

The Governor-Elect gave a speech which seemed to inspire and impress the crowd of ordinary Americans surrounding us, but completely lacked any mention of the super-mega-ultra wealthy. Exactly how will his policies will benefit us, darling?!

Governor-Elect Patrick's speech pleased many of the hoi polloi present at the party, but only managed to turn Lee into a zombie. It was horrifying, darling!

Since Lee was already zombified, we decided to perambulate back to the Healey party, but found the room empty except for technicians breaking down AV equipment. What happened, Muffy?!

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