Saturday, December 03, 2005

Billionairess and Rich Oilmen Support Global Warming!

Last week, Moe Bill Oyle and N. Les Delay of CROAK (Concerned Rich Oilmen Against Kyoto) came to the Billionaires with news of a plot on the part of pesky environmentalists! They were planning on taking action to support the Conference on Kyoto Accords taking place in Montreal. Those tree-huggers were going to meet to discuss actions to be taken to prevent and mitigate global warming. Since that would mean horrible acts against Billionaires such as "energy efficient transportation" and "carbon caps", the Billionaires sprang into action! Here is the result: Billionairess and CROAK stand united in blocking the door to the meeting!

Our glamour and influence were so striking, the Boston Globe printed a photo of us. Sadly, the article following is only about those vexing environmentalists and their efforts. And tragically, The Globe got the names in the caption incorrect! Who is this "John Loretz"??!?

Left to right: Ivana Moore-Enmoore, Dick Blackwell, Darth Petrodollar, N. Les Delay (no relation to our Tommy).

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