Sunday, March 25, 2007

Billionaires For Bush's War!

Boston Billionaires 'counter-protested' at the very large anti-war rally on Boston Common yesterday. We leafletted, talked to the hoi polloi, and offered to exchange blood for oil (they give us blood, we give them oil). Some even 'harassed' the peace marchers. We just wanted to provide some 'fairness', 'balance' and truthiness to the event. And provide them we did!

Here, the Billionaires struggle to set up our richly appointed pavilion. It is ever so vexing that we cannot force our servants to work on a Saturday! How is it again that one works velcro?

Once the pavilion was set up, Austin Tayshun relaxed with a martini and several billions while D'Oyle Fields, the Butcher of Cambridge, eagerly awaits victims... er... donors in our Blood For Oil project (they give us their blood and we give them a jar of oil). Sadly, there were no takers!

Meanwhile, Dee Foress Tayshun shows off her lovely gams while Avery Damon Penny refreshes our exchequer.

We had many visitors to our pavilion, including the Legal Observer to the left. That insane radical leftist volunteer was harassing Ivana by talking about free speech and civil rights cases. Ivana was just opening her mouth to defend herself and the Billionaires, when the two Northeastern College Republicans sprang to her defense! "Where is the permit for this rally?" the one in the Marines tee-shirt demanded of the observers, who could only reply weakly that the organizers of the rally had the permit. This wasn't good enough for the brave young Yellow Elephant, who drove them away from the Billionaires' tent.

Another welcome visitor was our Georgie himself, here dressed in his alternative identity as the Caped Crusader! Di Bold shows her love:

Through it all, Ivana sat patiently, keeping her 'enemies list' (holding her hands so she didn't snatch away Dee Foress' martini) :

And we leave you with one final shot of D'Oyle Fields. Should we be concerned that he seemed to want blood so much?

...I suppose not. The blood of ordinary Americans is ever so profitable!

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