Monday, October 02, 2006

Avery Damon Penny And Republicans Support Military Recruitment!

Due to new Federal Legislation, Harvard was required to allow military recruiters into the Harvard Business School Career Fair after an absence of about 30 years. Avery Damon Penny and Mr. Rupert Russell walked from Harvard Yard to the B-school to 'support' this fine state of affairs. Here, Avery welcomes the arrival of reinforcements -- fine young Republicans marching in support of the war machine and our profits!

Sadly, there were protesters at the career fair saying that our war machine is immoral and corrupt and the military is discriminatory. Well, yes, but it is also ever so profitable! Avery got even with them -- when they had their 'die-in' to represent that the business of the military is death, he picked their pockets! Kudos to Avery! And to Mr. Rupert Russell, who organized this action especially for us.

Photo by Mr. Rupert Russell. Thank you, darling!

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