Friday, June 09, 2006

Billionaires Discover A Fabulous New Way to Motivate the Rabble!

At Earthfest, The MA Lottery Commission was offering one $1 scratch ticket for every 25 used tickets turned in. These are some of the hundreds of people waiting in line for hours to redeem thousands of used lottery tickets they collected! Some of them have hundreds of thousands!

The Billionaires have always believed in motivating people to work by paying them very little money and giving them plenty of negative feedback - after all, it's how we treat our servants and factory workers! But these people have shown us a better way: motivate everyday Americans by making them work hard for just a chance of winning some money.

I believe if we calculated the amount of money these people won divided by the number of hours they worked and waited, we would have a number close to zero. Huzzah! A new way to make money off the labor of the rabble!

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