Thursday, December 15, 2005

Billionaires Take Up A Collection to Help Trent Lott!

Trent Lott suffered mightily during Hurricane Katrina, losing his family mansion on the Gulf Coast and being left with only one or two homes to his name. And now we have learned his insurance company is not ponying up and he is suing.

In this season of giving, the Billionaires were moved enough by Trent's plight to take up a collection on Boston Common during rush hour. Here, Dee Foress Tayshun, Austin Tayshun and Ivana Moore-Enmoore brave the cold to pass the top hat and plead, "darling, won't you help?"

The sign reads, "In this Season of Giving...Help Us Rebuild Trent Lott's House! (Georgie needs a front porch on which to sit)". Photo by Avery Damon Penny, who was dressed as an art school student for some reason!Posted by Picasa

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