Sunday, September 25, 2005

Billionaires From Many States Counter-Protest at Anti-war March and Rally in Washington D.C.!

Billionaires from Massachusetts, Texas, Ohio, New York and Washington D.C. assembled on September 24th to counter-protest against the scads of great unwashed middle classes who were granted a permit to disrupt our nation's capital and our capital business for a day. We met in front of the Treasury Building, hoping that close proximity to such vast amounts of money would be a comfort to us. But then we realized that there was no money in the treasury because we have looted it all! Oops!

Even before the march began, we attracted much attention and photography as we practiced our chanting and organized our posters. We loved it! More glamorous and amusing photos may be found on the Billionaires for Bush War March page.

Left to right: Ivan Tital, Richly Upholstered Chair of the D.C. Chapter; Roxanne Pearls, Grand Fromage of the Western MA Chapter; Cher Nothing, NYC; Meg A. Bucks, National Coordinator and R. Owen Laws, D.C. Chapter. Posted by Picasa

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