Sunday, September 25, 2005

After the March, Billionaires Celebrate their Triumph!

Some of the Billionaires kick back in front of the Treasury Building after all those dreadful unwashed middle classes finished walking past. Our efforts were a great success, already meriting photos and mentions in numerous reports from the march: here, here, and here for example.

Left to right: Roxanne Pearls; Yvonne Wilrich-Teague, NYC; R. S. Tocrat, NY; Cher Nothing, Ivan Tital, Thurston Howell IV, NYC; Anita Notha Taxcutt, DC; Billionairess from NYC, R. Owen Laws, DC; Oliver (Ollie) Gark, DC; Meg A. Bucks (leaning to the left for some unknown reason - is she about to become a class traitor?), Claire Lee Superior, DC; and Ivana Moore-Enmoore, Boston-Metro. Not pictured: Mrs. Lovely Bubbling-Crude and Mr. Lone Star Crude III (Trey Crude) of Texas, Rand D. Ootsourcerer of Boston and the Ohio Billionaires who had to catch their limos back home - Warren Profett, Toledo; Starr Bucks, Toledo and three plucky Billionairesses from Columbus whose names I did not record. Forgive me. Posted by Picasa

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