Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Boston Billionaires Visit with Malcolm Rogers, MFA Director!

Ivana Moore-Enmoore and Avery Damon Penny pose with the huge rat which represents Malcolm Rogers, the MFA director. The number grasped in its claws is "Jolly Rogers'" annual salary. We don't think $567,000 per year is so much money, darling! And the rat is rather cute, don't you think?

Rat courtesy of the Carpenters Union via Jobs With Justice. The Carpenter's Union brought the rat to support the MFA guards union. It seems the guards union members are peeved that Malcolm has received massive salary increases during the same period of time in which they have received none. Plus, the vast majority of guards are not full-time employees, so do not get benefits. But that is all right as long as our Malcolm is all right!Posted by Picasa

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