Monday, August 22, 2005

Boston Billionaires Go To Fenway Park to Protect Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Boston Billionaires went to Fenway before the opening concert of the new Rolling Stones tour to protect California Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger's fundraiser. Nurses, teachers, firefighters and police have been bird-dogging his fundraisers in California, so we wanted to prevent any such actions here in Massachusetts!

Ameriquest, a mortgage company convicted of fleecing everyday Americans, donated 40 luxury seats to Arnold for his fundraiser. Arnold was asking for up to $100,000 per seat to support his special ballot inititative on Nov. 4th, which will limit funding for hospitals, schools and first responders. That means he would be using money taken from ordinary Americans in order to raise money to take more money away from ordinary Americans. Genius!

Sadly, we heard later that not only did this brilliant idea fail, but Ahnald was actually booed by the crowd and mocked by Mick Jagger! Our poor Governator!!

Left to right: Ivana Moore-Enmoore, Zsa Zsa Gotta-Havmore, Lee Vemhangen, Mona Polist. All Rolling Stones photos by Avery Damon Penny []. Thank you, darling! Also attending but not pictured : Phyll T. Lucre Posted by Picasa

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