Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Billionaires Attend DNC Fundraiser and are Appalled!

Boston Billionaires attended a DNC fundraiser, which was built on the idea of Democracy Bonds (a monthly pledge of a small amount of money to support the Democratic Party). The Billionaires discovered that not only did the bonds have a disclaimer saying they would not have any monetary rate of return, they are not even tax-deductible! Apparently, the money donated would just go into the DNC's efforts to put a Democratic candidate in every race at every level nationwide. What kind of investment is that??!?

To make matters worse, they had speakers! First Philip Johnston, Chair of the Mass. Democrats, spoke about getting rid of our darling Mitt Romney. Now, we know Mitt is a mere multi-millionaire, but we see great potential in him. Next, Howard Dean, new head of the DNC, spoke passionately of issues which seemed to stir the everyday Americans attending the event. He spoke of such horribly anti-Billionaire policies such as health-care coverage for all, equal opportunity, honest elections, elimination of our 'Culture of Corruption', environmental quality and ending our Iraq Acquisition efforts. And all this even after Zsa Zsa had slipped him a billion-dollar bill! Needless to say, we were appalled!

Left to right: Phyll T. Lucre, Zsa Zsa Gotta-Havmore, Avery Damon Penny, Lee Vemhangen. Posted by Picasa

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