Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Ivana Moore-Enmoore Meets Robert Reich!

Ivana Moore-Enmoore meets Former Labor Secretary, Robert Reich, who was guest of honor at a fundraiser held for notorious progressive, Pat Jehlen, who is running for State Senate. Despite their gate-crashing, Pat (center) seems amused by Ivana. Here, Ivana compliments the Secretary for his role in NAFTA and the flourishing of our maquiladoras! Not shown, Ivana scolding Secretary Reich for the Family Medical Leave Act, which has cost our businesses thousands of dollars!

Left to right: Robert Reich, Pat Jehlen, Ivana Moore-Enmoore. All Pat Jehlen fundraiser photos by Calvin (Cal) Ous [www.graveimages.com]. Thank you, darling!Posted by Picasa

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