Saturday, July 16, 2005

Avery Damon Penny Shows Us How to Buy A Politician!

From left to right:

1.) First hand the mayor (black shorts) the bribe (a B4B Billion dollar bill) hidden inside a leaflet. Then hand his aide (blue print shorts) some innocent-looking literature about the income gap between rich and poor.
2.) Look around for potential witnesses while your cohort distracts other potential witnesses in the background.
3.) While the aide and potential witnesses are still distracted, step in to close the deal with a handshake. Make sure to block the view of the handshake from the camera -- remember, deniability is everything!

Disclaimer: Absolutely NO politicians were actually bribed during this exchange. B4B Billion dollars bills have no monetary value. They have a graphic of Ben Franklin smoking a stogie, but have no monetary value and are therefore worthless as bribes. We certainly hope that the mayor of Somerville has a sense of humor. He did agree with us about the income gap! Posted by Picasa

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