Saturday, March 05, 2005

Photo: Zsa Zsa Gotta-Havmore In Action!

Zsa Zsa Gotta-Havmore asks passers-by for a chance to loot Social Security. They are so jealous of her sparkly dress that they try to ignore her... but they fail! Posted by Hello

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zja zja gotta-havmore said...

Darling Evana...It was great to see you today in your furs and jewels- you really wear them well. I decided to spell my name zja zja (instead of zsa) because as you know my more pedestrian name is jody james avtges or jja for short- so zja zja seems a better fit. Speaking of fit - didn't that dress fit me perfectly! I wore it all day -as a another billionaires said - "that old thing". Had a great time today -must do it again soon! Love You - zja zja gotta-havmore.