Saturday, March 05, 2005

Photo: Boston Billionaires Take Action to Make Social Security Neither!

Boston Billionaires for Bush assemble at historic Faneuil Hall in order to convince tourists and Boston citizenry to piratize Social Security. Faneuil Hall was a cradle of liberty during the American Revolution. Today, the Boston Billionaires made it a cradle of liberty for Billionaires to loot and pillage public resources!

For more information about the National Champaign against Social Security:

Left to right: Ben DeRuilse, Avery Damon Penny, Ivana Moore-Enmoore, James, Zsa Zsa Gotta-Havmore, Lee Vemhangen, Bourgois Zee and Mona Polist. All Social Security photos by Calvin (Cal) Ous []. Thank you, darling!Posted by Hello

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Delenn said...

Very good pictures! Looks like the Boston Chapter is growing!

I am so glad you guys are there to show our complete satisfaction with our glourious president and his policies!

Mary Richer