Monday, January 24, 2005

The Re-Coronation of W, Our Beloved Leader!

Darling! It has been a most exciting Re-Coronation! The Billionaires took part in several actions and got scads of press coverage! Social Security, the Artic National Wildlife Refuge and other formerly public assets were auctioned off at the FDR Memorial! Pictures are here:

Billionaires were also present at anti-war rallies in three places: Malcolm X Park, Dupont Circle and McPherson Square! Lady More Kaching spoke at Malcolm X and I spoke at Dupont Circle with Robin Eublind. It was great, darling, although the crowd simply refused to cheer for our beloved Georgie!

Rich R. Danu, Iona Moore-Danu and Viva La Riche attended the swearing-in ceremony dressed as everyday American citizens. During the ceremony, they read the newspaper as they turned their back on Bush. Naughty, naughty Billioniares! To make up for it, Rich R. Danu later hoaxed the media outside of Union Station. Here's the video:
To read about the incident, go to:
And for the Post's embarassed take on it: (last paragraph)

As for the McPherson Square gang, after we had our fill of heckling the great unwashed middle classes, we strolled down to the Parade route to see if we could get in. Despite the presence of many police officers, we failed in our mission! Security forces, who should have been protecting us, shut down checkpoint after checkpoint to protect our beloved President and his from Democracy. Sadly, we Billionaires were prevented from cheering on our beloved Leader, although we did hear later that someone threw a snowball at darling Dick Cheney's limo! Instead of viewing the parade, we stormed a small rally of some people who were upset at the security. After chanting "Stop Whining - Start Champaigning" and "Big Money, United, The People Not Invited" and posing for innumerable press photos, we retired to our luxury hotels to prepare for the Re-coronation Ball!

The Ball, held at the Platinum nightclub, was a grand success! The Platinum was a fitting venue because it used to be a bank, darling! A simply grand time was had by all - photos of that event are here:

Did I mention scads of press? Here is just a sampling of both Ball reviews and Auction coverage: and

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